Monday, July 18, 2011

Not All "Agressive" Fish Are Agressive

One day as I was browsing a local fish store I was struck by the iridescent glow of green, and purple contrasting against a bright orange on some strange little fish hiding below a piece of driftwood.  The simple word, "Wow!" escaped my throat as I peered in at the tiny little fish I had never seen before.

Quickly I researched these little fish labeled as "Kribensis" and discovered they are a type of African Cichlid.  My heart began to sink as I recalled all my previous research about cichlids which are typically aggressive fish and therefore poor tankmates for my peaceful Tetras and Australian Rainbows.  However, sometimes it pays to research a little deeper.  Upon more reading I began to uncover reports of people successfully keeping Kribensis, otherwise known as Dwarf Rainbow Cichlids, in peaceful community aquariums such as mine.  As it turns out, these "aggressive fish" are actually fairly shy so I bought two babies, one male and one female, and brought them home for my tank.

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