American River Bank Tank

I wanted to create a tank that would showcase fish and plants from the Americas in a riverbank setting. Ultimately this tank will encompass fish from North, Central, and South America ( Nearctic and Neotropic  ecozones as based on established WWF terrestrial ecozones ).  You can see the entire process of aquascaping this tank here ( ).

The substrate is a mix of Floramax laterite, quartz sand, and river rock.  Light is provided by a 24", 20 watt Hagen Power-Glo which provides about 0.8 watts per gallon when accounting for all the rock and wood in this setup.

In this photo the tank is less than two weeks old.  Currently Sago Pondweed, Parrotsfeather, Hornwort, Duckweed, and Anachris are growing and providing a little cover for two wild guppies.


I began adding Seachem Flourish fertilizer to this tank and the large 75 Gallon tank today.  This tank received a little less than half a cap-full after a water change.  I am curious to see if plant growth improves.  There is also a new orange Platy exploring his new home in the bottom left.

I relocated all the plants that belong in the nearctic and neotropic ecozones from the large 75 gallon tank into this one.  Still adding half a cap-full of Seachem Flourish every week.  A few days ago I moved all of my Black Skirt Tetras into this tank (6 total, some are swimming, some are in the lower right corner).  Plants that have been added are Amazon Sword (lower left corner), Ocelot Sword (right/center foreground), Microsword (foreground carpet grass), Banana Plants (far right), and Anachris (background left/center).  The Parrotsfeather is doing well but the Sago is turning yellow while still managing to grow new shoots.