Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Fascination With Aquascaping Begins

This is how my 75 gallon tank started. A handful of Shubunkin Goldfish and a few plants.  

When I was a child I kept a goldfish for years in a little 20 gallon tank on my chest of drawers.  Twenty years later I found myself again keeping goldfish but wanting something more than a pet swimming around on my chest of drawers.  I wanted the aquarium to be a relaxing focal point for my living room but had no idea how to make that happen.  All I knew was I wanted some fish in a setting that was relaxing to look at.  

Using the internet and some advice from a friend, I did some research on how to set up a fishtank and stumbled across a fascinating new word...."aquascaping"...Wow!  What a cool concept!  It's like landscaping a garden, but for the aquarium.

After much research about the basics of aquascaping, I began planning my tank.  I decided that I wanted the focal point to be a high mound in the substrate about 3/8 from the left side.  I went to the local fish store, bought some plants I knew little about, found some limestone rock and arranged my tank accordingly.

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